EDA- studios in Engadine and Helensburgh

Engadine Dance Academy is your local community dance school- a recreational studio based on friendship, support and inclusion, not competition.

Our aim is always to have students walk into dance class with a smile and leave feeling energised, uplifted and happy with an even bigger smile.


EDA- where we believe in kindness, fun, teaching with care and creating a positive dance environment where each student belongs and feels special.

EDA’s timetable is designed to give students the opportunity to try many different styles of dance.

There is plenty of choice for each student to tailor their classes to their likes and maybe try something completely different. For timetable details please email Miss Lauren-engadinedanceacademy@hotmail.com

Engadine Dance Academy offers the following classes:

Jazz, hip hop and tap are energetic, fun classes, building co-ordination, musicality and rhythm.

Lyrical/Ballet classes develop beautiful, technical, strong dancers and are the foundation of many styles of dance.

Acrobatics for dance develops the skills and strength for handstands, cartwheels, back arches, walkovers and eventually flips, arials and biranis. There are many acrobatic for dance classes for all ages- helping students gain flexibility, strength and co-ordination as well as spend some time upside down. Miss Lauren is qualified with Acrobatic Arts- the leading acrobatics for dance association.

The Dance Extension class is for dancers who love to learn choreography and who love to perform taking their dancing to the next level.

Minis classes (18 months to pre-schoolers) Tuesdays and Fridays and Kindergarten only classes (for that first year of ‘big’ school) designed specifically for the needs and developmental levels of this wonderful age group.


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